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If the pottery fragments found belong to a well-known pottery type (e.g., Chinese or Greek pottery, which have been widely studied), then we can date it based on what is known as a typological sequence.There are well-established pottery typological systems for most regions of the world: changes in the surface decoration styles and in the shape of the vessels are normally gradual, so when we face a pottery fragment that can be related to a well-known pottery typology, then we have a basis to assign a date to the piece of pottery found.Japanese Jomon pottery (dated back to 13,000 years ago) and Middle Nile Egyptian vessels (from about 10,000 years ago) are some examples of pottery produced using this technique.Firing pottery in a kiln is another method of pottery production.The aesthetic qualities of pottery can be analysed, and it is possible to have a better understanding of what type of pigments and other substances were known to that particular society.In some cases the overall color of the pottery can be changed from its natural reddish to gray without the need of pigments, merely by manipulating the temperature and air influx in the kiln during the firing process.Not all types of clay can stand temperatures this high -- only some special types of clay which are largely free of impurities.

If the layers are undisturbed, then we know that objects found in the lower layers are older than those located in the upper layers.Another type of kiln is an updraft kiln, which is usually a cylindrical construction divided into two compartments: the lower compartment is where the fuel is placed, while the pottery is placed in the upper compartment.This allows the heat to rise and the pottery is fired at a temperature level normally ranging from 1,000 to 1,200 degrees Celsius.This type of knowledge is usually the last step in a long sequence of experimentation, an indication that pottery production in that specific society was not new, and it probably had been developing for several thousand years.According to the context in which the pottery was found, there are several techniques that can be applied for dating pottery.

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