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The Director-General shall appoint such personnel necessary to carry out the objectives, policies and functions of the Council subject to Civil Service rules. Learners may be employed when no experienced workers are available, the employment of learners is necessary to prevent curtailment of employment opportunities, and the employment does not create unfair competition in terms of labor costs or impair or lower working standards. All learners who have been allowed or suffered to work during the first two (2) months shall be deemed regular employees if training is terminated by the employer before the end of the stipulated period through no fault of the learners. Learners employed in piece or incentive-rate jobs during the training period shall be paid in full for the work done. For purposes of this Article, "health personnel" shall include resident physicians, nurses, nutritionists, dietitians, pharmacists, social workers, laboratory technicians, paramedical technicians, psychologists, midwives, attendants and all other hospital or clinic personnel. Rest periods of short duration during working hours shall be counted as hours worked. Where such holiday work falls on the employees scheduled rest day, he shall be entitled to an additional compensation of at least fifty per cent (50%) of his regular wage.

The regular professional and technical personnel shall be exempt from WAPCO rules and regulations. The Council shall create regional manpower development offices which shall determine the manpower needs of the industry, agriculture and other sectors of the economy within their respective jurisdictions; provide the Councils central planners with the data for updating the national manpower plan; recommend programs for the regional level agencies engaged in manpower and youth development within the policies formulated by the Council; and administer and supervise Secretariat training programs within the region and perform such other functions as may be authorized by the Council. Consultants and technical assistance, publication and research. Learners are persons hired as trainees in semi-skilled and other industrial occupations which are non-apprenticeable and which may be learned through practical training on the job in a relatively short period of time which shall not exceed three (3) months. The learnership agreement shall be subject to inspection by the Secretary of Labor and Employment or his duly authorized representative. Where the collective bargaining agreement or other applicable employment contract stipulates the payment of a higher premium pay than that prescribed under this Article, the employer shall pay such higher rate. Every employee who has rendered at least one year of service shall be entitled to a yearly service incentive leave of five days with pay.

"Private recruitment entity" means any person or association engaged in the recruitment and placement of workers, locally or overseas, without charging, directly or indirectly, any fee from the workers or employers.

"Authority" means a document issued by the Department of Labor authorizing a person or association to engage in recruitment and placement activities as a private recruitment entity.

They shall each be assisted by a Secretariat headed by an Executive Director who shall be a Filipino citizen with sufficient experience in manpower administration, including overseas employment activities. Any person applying with a private fee-charging employment agency for employment assistance shall not be charged any fee until he has obtained employment through its efforts or has actually commenced employment. It shall be unlawful for any individual, entity, licensee, or holder of authority: To charge or accept, directly or indirectly, any amount greater than that specified in the schedule of allowable fees prescribed by the Secretary of Labor, or to make a worker pay any amount greater than that actually received by him as a loan or advance; To furnish or publish any false notice or information or document in relation to recruitment or employment; To give any false notice, testimony, information or document or commit any act of misrepresentation for the purpose of securing a license or authority under this Code. Any recruitment activities, including the prohibited practices enumerated under Article 34 of this Code, to be undertaken by non-licensees or non-holders of authority, shall be deemed illegal and punishable under Article 39 of this Code.

442, AS AMENDED             May 1, 1974 A DECREE INSTITUTING A LABOR CODE THEREBY REVISING AND CONSOLIDATING LABOR AND SOCIAL LAWS TO AFFORD PROTECTION TO LABOR, PROMOTE EMPLOYMENT AND HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT AND INSURE INDUSTRIAL PEACE BASED ON SOCIAL JUSTICE PRELIMINARY TITLE Chapter IGENERAL PROVISIONS Article 1. This Decree shall be known as the "Labor Code of the Philippines". 27 or the Land Reform Program of the Government shall not be transferable except by hereditary succession or to the Government in accordance with the provisions of Presidential Decree No. The Department of Agrarian Reform shall promulgate the necessary rules and regulations to implement the provisions of this Chapter. Title IRECRUITMENT AND PLACEMENT OF WORKERS Chapter IGENERAL PROVISIONS Article 13. "Worker" means any member of the labor force, whether employed or unemployed.The Executive Director of the National Manpower Skills Center shall, in addition to the foregoing qualifications, have undergone training in center management. Handicapped workers are those whose earning capacity is impaired by age or physical or mental deficiency or injury. As used herein, "managerial employees" refer to those whose primary duty consists of the management of the establishment in which they are employed or of a department or subdivision thereof, and to other officers or members of the managerial staff. The normal hours of work of any employee shall not exceed eight (8) hours a day. Every employee shall be paid a night shift differential of not less than ten percent (10%) of his regular wage for each hour of work performed between ten oclock in the evening and six oclock in the morning. Work performed beyond eight hours on a holiday or rest day shall be paid an additional compensation equivalent to the rate of the first eight hours on a holiday or rest day plus at least thirty percent (30%) thereof. Permission given to the employee to go on leave on some other day of the week shall not exempt the employer from paying the additional compensation required in this Chapter. Any employee required to render overtime work under this Article shall be paid the additional compensation required in this Chapter. However, the employer shall respect the preference of employees as to their weekly rest day when such preference is based on religious grounds. When the nature of the work of the employee is such that he has no regular workdays and no regular rest days can be scheduled, he shall be paid an additional compensation of at least thirty percent (30%) of his regular wage for work performed on Sundays and holidays.Executive Directors shall be appointed by the President on the recommendations of the Secretary of Labor and Employment. Any employer desiring to employ learners shall enter into a learnership agreement with them, which agreement shall include: The names and addresses of the learners; The duration of the learnership period, which shall not exceed three (3) months; The wages or salary rates of the learners which shall begin at not less than seventy-five percent (75%) of the applicable minimum wage; and A commitment to employ the learners if they so desire, as regular employees upon completion of the learnership. Any violation of this Chapter or its implementing rules and regulations shall be subject to the general penalty clause provided for in this Code. "Field personnel" shall refer to non-agricultural employees who regularly perform their duties away from the principal place of business or branch office of the employer and whose actual hours of work in the field cannot be determined with reasonable certainty. Health personnel in cities and municipalities with a population of at least one million (1,000,000) or in hospitals and clinics with a bed capacity of at least one hundred (100) shall hold regular office hours for eight (8) hours a day, for five (5) days a week, exclusive of time for meals, except where the exigencies of the service require that such personnel work for six (6) days or forty-eight (48) hours, in which case, they shall be entitled to an additional compensation of at least thirty percent (30%) of their regular wage for work on the sixth day. Hours worked shall include (a) all time during which an employee is required to be on duty or to be at a prescribed workplace; and (b) all time during which an employee is suffered or permitted to work. Subject to such regulations as the Secretary of Labor may prescribe, it shall be the duty of every employer to give his employees not less than sixty (60) minutes time-off for their regular meals. Work performed on any special holiday shall be paid an additional compensation of at least thirty percent (30%) of the regular wage of the employee.Chapter IIREGULATION OF RECRUITMENT AND PLACEMENT ACTIVITIES Article 25. Only Filipino citizens or corporations, partnerships or entities at least seventy-five percent (75%) of the authorized and voting capital stock of which is owned and controlled by Filipino citizens shall be permitted to participate in the recruitment and placement of workers, locally or overseas. Illegal recruitment is deemed committed in large scale if committed against three (3) or more persons individually or as a group.Private sector participation in the recruitment and placement of workers. Travel agencies and sales agencies of airline companies are prohibited from engaging in the business of recruitment and placement of workers for overseas employment whether for profit or not. The Secretary of Labor and Employment or his duly authorized representatives shall have the power to cause the arrest and detention of such non-licensee or non-holder of authority if after investigation it is determined that his activities constitute a danger to national security and public order or will lead to further exploitation of job-seekers. The penalty of life imprisonment and a fine of One Hundred Thousand Pesos (P1000,000.00) shall be imposed if illegal recruitment constitutes economic sabotage as defined herein; Any licensee or holder of authority found violating or causing another to violate any provision of this Title or its implementing rules and regulations shall, upon conviction thereof, suffer the penalty of imprisonment of not less than two years nor more than five years or a fine of not less than P10,000 nor more than P50,000, or both such imprisonment and fine, at the discretion of the court; Any person who is neither a licensee nor a holder of authority under this Title found violating any provision thereof or its implementing rules and regulations shall, upon conviction thereof, suffer the penalty of imprisonment of not less than four years nor more than eight years or a fine of not less than P20,000 nor more than P100,000 or both such imprisonment and fine, at the discretion of the court; If the offender is a corporation, partnership, association or entity, the penalty shall be imposed upon the officer or officers of the corporation, partnership, association or entity responsible for violation; and if such officer is an alien, he shall, in addition to the penalties herein prescribed, be deported without further proceedings; In every case, conviction shall cause and carry the automatic revocation of the license or authority and all the permits and privileges granted to such person or entity under this Title, and the forfeiture of the cash and surety bonds in favor of the Overseas Employment Development Board or the National Seamen Board, as the case may be, both of which are authorized to use the same exclusively to promote their objectives.

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A cross sectional survey with 678 participants—including cohorts from college as well as the general population—provided data for this study.

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