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Most of the early films of indigenous peoples were “documentary” records about Japanese subjugation of the various tribes, tribal life, leaders visiting modernized Japan (termed , or Aborigine sightseeing).

for England 英格兰[Ying1 ge2 lan2] 亲 1 qin1/qing 64.98 3.3385 1138 18.23 3.0561 v 1335 .v.g. parent/one's own (flesh and blood)/relative/related/marriage/bride/close/intimate/in person/first-hand/in favor of/pro-/to kiss; parents-in-law of one's offspring 接着 2 jie1 zhe5 jiezhuo 2149 64.06 3.3322 1440 23.07 3.1584 c 1597 .c.v. to catch and hold on/to continue/to go on to do sth/to follow/to carry on/then/after that/subsequently/to follow/to proceed/to ensue/in turn/in one's turn 项 1 xiang4 xiang 2146 63.97 3.3316 1405 22.51 3.1477 q 2146 .q. "back of neck/item/thing/term (in a mathematical formula)/sum (of money)/classifier for principles, items, clauses, tasks, research projects etc; surname Xiang" 传 1 chuan2/zhuan4 chuan 2133 63.58 3.329 1157 18.53 3.0633 v 2096 .v. to pass on/to spread/to transmit/to infect/to transfer/to circulate/to pass on/to conduct (electricity); biography 弹 1 dan4/tan 60.6 3.3081 949 15.2 2.9773 v 1897 .v. crossball/bullet/shot/shell/ball; impeach/to pluck a string/to play (a stringed musical instrument with fingers)/to snap 背 1 bei1/bei 60.3 3.306 1356 21.72 3.1323 v 1606 .v.n. carry on one's back; to be burdened/to carry on the back or shoulder; the back of a body or object/to turn one's back/to hide something from/to learn by heart/to recite from memory 节 1 jie1/jie 60.19 3.3051 969 15.52 2.9863 n 1351 .n.q.g.v. "festival/section/segment/point/part/to economize/to save/temperate/classifier for segments, e.g. lessons, train wagons, biblical verses" 好事 2 hao3 shi4 haoshi 1947 58.04 3.2894 1478 23.67 3.1697 n 1947 .n. "good action, deed, thing or work (also sarcastic, ""a fine thing indeed"")/charity/happy occasion/Daoist or Buddhist ceremony for the souls of the dead" 调 1 diao4/tiao2 diao 1801 53.69 3.2555 1196 19.16 3.0777 v 1773 .v.n. to transfer/to move (troops or cadres)/to investigate/to enquire into/accent/view/argument/key (in music)/mode (music)/tune/tone/melody; harmonize/reconcile/blend/suit well/provoke/incite 格 1 ge1/ge2 ge 1776 52.94 3.2494 834 13.36 2.9212 n 919 .n.b.g. square/frame/rule/(legal) case/style/character/standard/pattern/(classical) to obstruct; to hinder/(classical) to arrive; to come/(classical) to investigate; to study exhaustively 吸血鬼 3 xi1 xue4 gui3 xixuegui 1770 52.76 3.248 255 4.08 2.4065 n 1770 .n. "a leech/blood-sucking vermin/a vampire (translated European notion)/fig. a capitalist exploiting the workers" 作用 2 zuo4 yong4 zuoyong 1739 51.84 3.2403 1242 19.89 3.0941 n 1736 .n.v. "to act on/to affect/action/function/activity/impact/result/effect/purpose/intent/to play a role/corresponds to English -ity, -ism, -ization" 反 1 fan 51.6 3.2383 1128 18.07 3.0523 v 1624 .v.b.d. contrary/in reverse/inside-out or upside-down/to reverse/to return/to oppose/opposite/against/anti-/to rebel/to use analogy/instead/abbr. for Soviet Union 苏维埃 or 苏联, Jiangsu province 江苏 and Suzhou city 苏州/surname Su; revive" 倒数 2 dao4 shu4 daoshu 473 14.1 2.6749 262 4.2 2.4183 v 444 . to count backwards (from 10 down to 0)/to count down/from the bottom (lines on a page)/from the back (rows of seats); (math.) reciprocal 偏 1 pian1 pian 469 13.98 2.6712 375 6.01 2.574 d 340 .d.a.v. "one-sided/to lean/to slant/prejudiced/inclined to one side/the left-hand side of split Chinese character, often the key or radical" 伯 1 bai3/bo2 bo 468 13.95 2.6702 185 2.96 2.2672 g 446 . "father's elder brother/senior/paternal elder uncle/eldest of brothers/respectful form of address/Count, third of five orders of nobility 五等爵位[wu3 deng3 jue2 wei4]" 公 1 gong1 gong 467 13.92 2.6693 331 5.3 2.5198 g 304 .g.b. "public/collectively owned/common/international (e.g.

Historical Dictionaryof Taiwan Cinema Written and Edited by Daw-Ming Lee -A – ABORIGINES AND FILM.

Aborigines account for only two percent of the population in Taiwan at present.

Reports written about the first encounter with cinema by Aborigines attested once again to the superiority felt by the Japanese.

Displaying the latest apparatus such as cameras, weapons like cannons and guns, the schools and museums Aborigines were taken to, showed the colonial government’s intention to “enlighten,” “educate,” and induce Aborigines to abandon their culture and live a modern life, as the Japanese did.

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