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Hi! I’m Ceskus!

I’m from Terrassa, a beautiful city near Barcelona.

And also near the mountain, a place where you can find me very often, a source of inspiration and especially rock climbing.

I studied design at IDEP and also Advertising Graphics at the Art School of Terrassa. I have worked in various agencies for clients of all kinds. My focus is on advertising, design and also in the publishing industry, especially the educational field and children’s and young people’s literature.

My way of working is based on originality, I spend a lot of time researching and searching for references, in this way I can contribute something new, fresh and impressive. I also dedicate part of my work to social causes, the illustrators have an important role in this aspect and offering our services is essential.

You know I’m not afraid of heights, you can contact me whenever you want and explain this exciting project you have.